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For whom.

For all individual employees or groups of employees who have been employed for at least one year by companies managed by Kramp.


It is for employees who wish to improve their employability within the Kramp Group. So if you wish to invest in yourself by following a course of learning that will ensure you are better equipped to do your job, now and for the future, then the Anjo Foundation is the right place to turn to.


How does it work in practice? 

  • Are you wondering whether you have the right profile or experience for the challenges of today and tomorrow? 
  • Are you working in line with the requirements and wishes of Kramp? 
  • In your view, are there areas in which Kramp could work smarter or better? 
  • Do you ever get the sense that your knowledge and skills are lacking something? 
  • Or are you harbouring an ambition to develop yourself further? 


Discuss this with your manager and HR Advisor. Do bear in mind the fact that the education/training must complement the training offered within Kramp and that it must improve your employability within Kramp.

It is important that both your manager and your HR Advisor approve the education/training request. Download the request form together with your manager and/or HR Advisor. The form is self-explanatory. In addition to complying with the general rules, it is also important that you provide a written statement of motivation as to why you wish to follow the course concerned. Your manager or HR Advisor will be able to help you with this.


The HR Advisor will e-mail the request to the Secretary of the Anjo Foundation, Elise Ruesink. Four times a year (once a quarter), the Anjo Foundation meets to discuss the requests and, where appropriate, grant them. The Anjo Foundation will always provide you with a substantiated response on whether or not it will be granting the request.


If the request is approved then you will need to fill in a study agreement with Kramp. This agreement also contains a repayment clause that will apply if you leave the company during the course or within a certain period of time after completing the course. The agreement also specifies the course concerned, the extent of the Anjo Foundation's contribution, the time frame within which you are obliged to pay back the study costs, etc.


Beyond this we wish you plenty of knowledge, inspiration and pleasure developing yourselves!

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