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About the Anjo Foundation

Anjo Joldersma was one of the director-owners of the Kramp Group. In 2010, after 36 years working at Kramp, he sold his stake in the Kramp Group to the new management generation within Kramp, the Executive Board.

As a gift and a thank you for all 36 instructive years within Kramp and due to the fact that Anjo considers it important that people continue to develop themselves, he has set up the Anjo Foundation for all staff employed by Kramp.

Anjo once said, "If I ever say, I know everything, then you can put me in my grave". Every day there is something to learn. Which means I didn't stop learning when I left school. What's more, it has enriched my life.


A business has to keep make sure that their people keep learning too. And a business is a place for people, and it's in these people to whom I am giving a "life of learning". I'd also like to inspire them in this regard. Hence the Anjo Foundation, which is to continue encouraging that "capacity for learning".


The proceeds put in the fund may be used (within certain rules) for and by learning employees of the Kramp Group, where I was able to work and learn a great deal over a period of 36 years!


Anjo Joldersma


The Anjo Foundation is a foundation with an independent board of directors comprising:
Chairperson : Jo Krill
Treasurer : Anne Joldersma
Secretary : Elise Ruesink

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